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Despite this the Pure Martingale Metatrader 4 Forex robot is highly customizable in that you can program it to suit your trading preference and desired results to make your trades more profitable. Hamster Scalping is a fully automated Forex robot that uses RSI indicator and night scalping technology to determine the best trade entry and exit points.

Odin Forex robot is considered the best Forex EA in It is really simple to use, but is packed with a potent grid strategy, powerful features and new Broker Shield technology. The Broker Shield technology hides your Forex terminal from brokers so they are unable to view what software you are using or see your trading levels.

This avoids the broker using stop hunts when you use the Odin Forex robot. It comes optimised for over 22 different currency pairs and tight stop-loss and take profit levels ensure your account safety. Vader Forex robot uses the popular Fibonacci replacement levels as a trading strategy.

The Ganon Forex robot has been touted as the best bot for trading using the Forex trends strategy. What makes them unique is they are the only EA to use their exclusive Strand Theory code base which is better able to predict big trends. The Takeprofit of each order with Forex Gump EA is always different and it quickly adjusts to news and the current market conditions. Forex Diamond EA is trusted in the market with a successful track record since This provides Forex Diamond EA with an excellent advantage over some other automated Forex robots on the market, as the creators have built a customer base and are known as reliable.

The Forex Cyborg robot was designed by professional Forex traders and programmers for other professional traders, and so you know the product is built from a solid foundation of expertise in the market. As the name suggests the platform code and algorithm is complex but highly efficient which is what you need from a Forex bot so that you can make a profit.

It is also completely automated so you do not need to be active to make a profit. Considered the best broker for private cryptocurrency and Forex CFD trading , CryptoRocket uses Straight Through Processing STP execution and a variety of trading instruments.

CryptoRocket has a variety of currency pairs , stocks , indices , and cryptocurrencies for trading on the MT4 platform. This broker makes this list due to its high leverage ratio of up to , the ability to deposit and withdraw funds with Bitcoin , and its encrypted crypto wallet.

With a scalping strategy the goal is to exit or enter trades very quickly, therefore the performance of your Forex broker is key. Most traders recommend with Hamster Scalping that you choose a broker that is known for fast execution, has a fast VPS Virtual Private Server , and offers a spread of two to five points. A Forex robot is only as good as its developers so it is important to take the time to research their experience, developer team, past performance and reliability. In this list of 17 best Forex robot traders reviewed and compared we summarized the pros and cons of these robot brokers to empower you to make an informed selection.

Go here for the 17 Best Forex Robot Traders. In short it is a computer program that is based on a set of forex trading signals aimed at helping you decide whether you should buy or sell a currency at any given point.

Price and trade data source: JSE Ltd All other statistics calculated by Profile Data. All data is delayed by at least 15 minutes. Telephone number: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs, FX or any of our other products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Top 4 Brokers. Comprehensive support and training, Global presence with a local feel, Uncompromising security, Advanced trading platforms. Forex Brokers. Forex Trading Platforms. Trading Platforms. Brokers by License. Brokers Types. Broker Reviews. Brokers to Follow. Brokers by Account Type. Index Trading Platforms. Forex Trading South Africa. BEE Shares. Most Popular JSE Shares. Most Popular 20 Global Stocks.

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Louis Schoeman. Featured SA Shares Writer and Forex Analyst. Table of Contents. UMA UMA Reviewed SARS Tax Tables for the Tax Years and Press enter to search Type to Search. Search location by ZIP code ZIP. The content you're looking for is no longer available. Daniel Cole. By Associated Press. WESH Arizona man ticketed for driving in the HOV lane with an inflatable Grinch in the passenger seat WESH 'Unlike any planets found in our solar system:' These two planets are probably made of water, study finds WESH.

By Parija Kavilanz, CNN. Kristen Rogers, CNN. By Jocelyn Brumbaugh. A list of integers containing the vote values applied to this label at the latest patchset. List of all approvals for this label as a list of ApprovalInfo entities. Items in this list may not represent actual votes cast by users; if a user votes on any label, a corresponding ApprovalInfo will appear in this list for all labels.

A map of all values that are allowed for this label. The strategy of the merge, can be recursive , resolve , simple-two-way-in-core , ours or theirs. true if this change is cleanly mergeable, false otherwise. true if this change is already merged, false otherwise. true if the content of this change is already merged, false otherwise. The source to merge from, e. A branch from which source is reachable. If specified, source is checked for visibility and reachability against only this branch.

This speeds up the operation, especially for large repos with many branches. The strategy of the merge, can be recursive , resolve , simple-two-way-in-core , ours or theirs , default will use project settings. If true , creating the merge succeeds also if there are conflicts. If there are conflicts the change is marked as work-in-progress.

This option is not supported for all merge strategies e. The MergePatchSetInput entity contains information about updating a new change by creating a new merge commit. A {change-id} that identifies a change. Otherwise, the current branch tip of the destination branch will be used. The detail of the source commit for merge as a MergeInput entity. This field does not affect the owner or the committer of the change, which will continue to use the identity of the caller.

By default, only veto votes that are blocking the change from submission are moved to the destination branch. Using this option is only allowed for administrators, because it can affect the submission behaviour of the change depending on the label access configuration and submissions rules.

The NotifyInfo entity contains detailed information about who should be notified about an update. These notifications are sent out even if a notify option in the request input disables normal notifications. A list of account IDs that identify the accounts that should be should be notified.

The PrivateInput entity contains information for changing the private flag on a change. The ProblemInfo entity contains a description of a potential consistency problem with a change. Only set if a fix was attempted.

If status is set, an additional plaintext message describing the outcome of the fix. The PublishChangeEditInput entity contains options for the publishing of change edit. Notify handling that defines to whom email notifications should be sent after the change edit is published.

Allowed values are NONE and ALL. Only used when signed push is enabled on the server. Information about the key that signed the push, along with any problems found while checking the signature or the key itself, as a GpgKeyInfo entity. The new parent revision. This can be a ref or a SHA-1 to a concrete patchset. Alternatively, a change number can be specified, in which case the current patch set is inferred.

Empty string is used for rebasing directly on top of the target branch, which effectively breaks dependency towards a parent change. If true , the rebase also succeeds if there are conflicts. If there are conflicts the file contents of the rebased patch set contain git conflict markers to indicate the conflicts.

The RelatedChangeAndCommitInfo entity contains information about a related change and commit. The status of the change. The status of the change is one of NEW , MERGED , ABANDONED. Boolean indicating whether the change is submittable. Only populated if requested. A list of RelatedChangeAndCommitInfo entities describing the related changes.

Sorted by git commit order, newest to oldest. Empty if there are no related changes. The Requirement entity contains information about a requirement relative to a change. Status of the requirement. Alphanumerical plus hyphens or underscores string to identify what the requirement is and why it was triggered.

Can be seen as a class: requirements sharing the same type were created for a similar reason, and the data structure will follow one set of rules. Message to be added as review comment to the change when restoring the change. Message to be added as review comment to the change when reverting the change.

Notify handling that defines to whom email notifications should be sent for reverting the change. Additional information about whom to notify about the revert as a map of recipient type to NotifyInfo entity. Name of the topic for the revert change.

When present, change is marked as Work In Progress. Notifications for the reverted change will only sent once the result change is no longer WIP. A list of ChangeInfo that describes the revert changes. Each entity in that list is a revert change that was created in that revert submission.

The labels of the review as a map that maps the label names to the voting values. The account which modified state of the reviewer in question as AccountInfo entity. The reviewer account added or removed from the change as an AccountInfo entity. The reviewer state, one of REVIEWER , CC or REMOVED. Apply this tag to the review comment message, votes, and inline comments.

Tags with an 'autogenerated:' prefix may be used by CI or other automated systems to distinguish them from human reviews. If another message was posted on a newer patchset, but with the same tag, then the older message will be hidden in the UI.

Suffixes starting with ~ are not considered, so autogenerated:my-ci-system~trigger and autogenerated:my-ci-system~result will be considered being the same tag with regards to the hiding rule. The votes that should be added to the revision as a map that maps the label names to the voting values. The comments that should be added as a map that maps a file path to a list of CommentInput entities.

The robot comments that should be added as a map that maps a file path to a list of RobotCommentInput entities. Draft handling that defines how draft comments are handled that are already in the database but that were not also described in this input. If not set, the default is KEEP. List of draft IDs to be published. The draft IDs should belong to the current user and be valid. If drafts is set to PUBLISH , then draft IDs should contain drafts for the same revision that is requested for review.

If not set, the default is to publish all drafts according to the drafts field. Notify handling that defines to whom email notifications should be sent after the review is stored.

If true , comments with the same content at the same place will be omitted. To use this option the caller must have been granted labelAs-NAME permission for all keys of labels. If true, and if the change is work in progress, then start review. If true, mark the change as work in progress. list of AttentionSetInput entities to add to the attention set. Users that are not reviewers, ccs, owner, or uploader are silently ignored.

list of AttentionSetInput entities to remove from the attention set. The ReviewResult entity contains information regarding the updates that were made to a review. Map of labels to values after the review was posted. Null if any reviewer additions were rejected. Absent if no reviewer additions were requested. If true, the change was moved from WIP to ready for review as a result of this action.

Not set if false. The ReviewerInfo entity contains information about a reviewer and its votes on a change. ReviewerInfo has the same fields as AccountInfo and includes detailed account information. In addition ReviewerInfo has the following fields:. This field is inherited from AccountInfo but is optional here if an unregistered reviewer was added by email. See add-reviewer for details. If an ID identifies both an account and a group, only the account is added as reviewer to the change.

External groups, such as LDAP groups, will be silently omitted from a set-review or add-reviewer call. A group can only be specified for adding reviewers, not for removing them. Add reviewer in this state. If not given, defaults to REVIEWER. Whether adding the reviewer is confirmed. The Gerrit server may be configured to require a confirmation when adding a group as reviewer that has many members.

Notify handling that defines to whom email notifications should be sent after the reviewer is added. Value of the reviewer field from ReviewerInput set while adding the reviewer. The newly added reviewers as a list of ReviewerInfo entities. The newly CCed accounts as a list of AccountInfo entities. This field will only appear if the requested state for the reviewer was CC. The newly removed accounts as a list of AccountInfo entities.

This field will only appear if the requested state for the reviewer was REMOVED. Error message explaining why the reviewer could not be added. If a group was specified in the input and an error is returned, it means that none of the members were added as reviewer. The RevisionInfo entity contains information about a patch set. Not all fields are returned by default.

Additional fields can be obtained by adding o parameters as described in Query Changes. The change kind. The timestamp of when the patch set was created. The uploader of the patch set as an AccountInfo entity. This information is only included if a plugin implementing the download commands interface is installed. The files of the patch set as a map that maps the file names to FileInfo entities. Indicates whether the caller is authenticated and has commented on the current revision.

Only set if REVIEWED option is requested. This field is always set if the option is requested; if no push certificate was provided, it is set to an empty object. The description of this patchset, as displayed in the patchset selector menu.

May be null if no description is set. In addition RobotCommentInfo has the following fields:. Suggested fixes for this robot comment as a list of FixSuggestionInfo entities. The RobotCommentInput entity contains information for creating an inline robot comment. When RUN filter rules in the parent projects are called to post-process the results of the project specific rule. This behavior matches how the rule will execute if installed.

If SKIP the parent filters are not called, allowing the test to return results from the input rule. If set, submit the change on behalf of the given user. The value may take any format accepted by the accounts REST API. Using this option requires Submit On Behalf Of permission on the branch. Notify handling that defines to whom email notifications should be sent after the change is submitted.

if the change is submitted with copied approvals , because in this case everyone should be informed about the non-reviewed diff which has been applied after the change has been approved so that they can take action if the post approval diff looks unexpected.

In other words if a post approval diff is present ALL is enforced. Fields in this entity roughly correspond to the fields set by LABELS in LabelInfo. OK , the change can be submitted. CLOSED , closed changes cannot be submitted. Map of labels that are approved; an AccountInfo identifies the voter chosen by the rule. Map of labels that are preventing submit; AccountInfo identifies voter. Map of labels that need to be given to submit.

The value is currently an empty object. Map of labels that can be used, but do not affect submit. AccountInfo identifies voter, if the label has been applied. Map of labels that should have been in need but cannot be used by any user because of access restrictions. The name of the submit rule that created this submit record.

FORCED , the change was submitted bypassing the submit rule. A list of labels, each containing the following fields. A list of passing atoms as strings. A list of failing atoms. If the submit requirement fails during evaluation, this string will contain an error message describing why it failed.

Query expression that can be evaluated on any change. If evaluated to true on a change, the submit requirement is then applicable for this change. If not specified, the submit requirement is applicable for all changes. If evaluated to true on a change, the submit requirement is fulfilled and not blocking change submission. If evaluated to true on a change, the submit requirement is overridden and not blocking change submission.

Whether this submit requirement can be overridden in child projects. Default is true. The SubmitRequirementResultInfo describes the result of evaluating a submit requirement on a change.

Status describing the result of evaluating the submit requirement. If true, this submit requirement result was created from a legacy SubmitRecord. Otherwise, it was created by evaluating a submit requirement. A SubmitRequirementExpressionInfo containing the result of evaluating the applicability expression.

Not set if the submit requirement did not define an applicability expression. A SubmitRequirementExpressionInfo containing the result of evaluating the submittability expression. A SubmitRequirementExpressionInfo containing the result of evaluating the override expression. Not set if the submit requirement did not define an override expression. The SubmittedTogetherInfo entity contains information about a collection of changes that would be submitted together.

A list of ChangeInfo entities representing the changes to be submitted together. The number of changes to be submitted together that the current user cannot see. This count includes changes that are visible to the current user when their reason for being submitted together involves changes the user cannot see. The SuggestedReviewerInfo entity contains information about a reviewer that can be added to a change an account or a group.

SuggestedReviewerInfo has either the account field that contains the AccountInfo entity, or the group field that contains the GroupBaseInfo entity. An AccountInfo entity, if the suggestion is an account. A GroupBaseInfo entity, if the suggestion is a group. The total number of accounts in the suggestion. This is 1 if account is present.

If group is present, the total number of accounts that are members of the group is returned this count includes members of nested groups. True if group is present and count is above the threshold where the confirmed flag must be passed to add the group as a reviewer.

The topic. The topic will be deleted if not set. The VotingRangeInfo entity describes the continuous voting range from min to max values. Query for the 25 most recent open changes of the projects that you watch. MESSAGES : include messages associated with the change. REVIEWED : include the reviewed field if all of the following are true: the change is open the caller is authenticated the caller has commented on the change more recently than the last update from the change owner, i.

CHECK : include potential problems with the change. Pearce", "email": "sop google. com", "date": " doe example. roe example. com", "username": "jdoe" }, "updated": " com", "username": "jdoe" }, "date": " com", "username": "jroe" }, "date": " com", "username": "jdoe" }. com", "username": "jdoe" } ]. As response a PureRevertInfo entity is returned. Abandoning a change also removes all users from the attention set. Creates open revert changes for all of the changes of a certain submission.

The given change. Creates a new patch set on a destination change from the provided patch. Applying the patch will fail if the destination change is closed, or in case of any conflicts. java": [ { "id": "TvcXrmjM", "line": 23, "message": "unused import", "updated": " analyzer example.

Lists the draft comments of all revisions of the change that belong to the calling user. Only the change owner, a project owner, or an administrator may fix changes. Marks the change to be non-private. Note users can only unmark own private changes. As response a list of ChangeMessageInfo entities is returned. Get Change Message Retrieves a change message including detailed account information. As response a ChangeMessageInfo entity is returned.

The submit requirement can be specified in one of the following ways:. In the request body as a SubmitRequirementInput. Retrieves meta data of a file from a change edit. Currently only web links are returned. As result a list of ReviewerInfo entries is returned. com" } ]. Groups can be excluded from the results by specifying the 'exclude-groups' request parameter:.

com" }, "count": 1 }, { "group": { "id": "4fdcf2bdccfbf9ddb76e3a", "name": "Joiner" }, "count": 5 } ]. com" }. com" "approvals": { "Verified": " 0", "Code-Review": " 0" }, } ] }. If a group with many members is added as reviewer a confirmation may be required. Do you want to add them all as reviewers? Reviewers without Gerrit accounts can only be added on changes visible to anonymous users. If the patch set does not have a description an empty string is returned.

Retrieves revision actions of the revision of a change. org", "date": " pursehouse sonymobile. When the owner or uploader replies, all the reviewers are added to the attention set.

Jane and maybe John and the project leads should take a look. com" }, { "reviewer": "john. com", "state": "CC" } { "reviewer": "MyProjectVerifiers", } ] }. com": { "input": "jane. com" "approvals": { "Verified": " 0", "Code-Review": " 0" }, }, ] }, "john. com": { "input": "john. ansel example. bollard example. com" "approvals": { "Verified": " 0", "Code-Review": " 0" }, }, ] } } }. com", "error": "Account of jane. com is inactive. com" }, "MyProjectVerifiers": { "input": "MyProjectVerifiers", "error": "The group My Group has 15 members.

As response a MergeableInfo entity is returned. Lists the draft comments of a revision that belong to the calling user. java": [ { "id": "TvcXrmjM", "line": 23, "message": "[nit] trailing whitespace", "updated": " java", "line": 23, "message": "[nit] trailing whitespace" }. java", "line": 23, "message": "[nit] trailing whitespace", "updated": " Retrieves a draft comment of a revision that belongs to the calling user.

com" } }. This endpoint also marks the comment as resolved since deleted comments are not actionable. java", "line": 23, "message": "Comment removed by: Administrator; Reason: contains confidential information", "updated": " Lists the robot comments of a revision. Retrieves a robot comment of a revision. com" }, "unresolved": true } ] }. A new change edit can't be created. java", ]. As response a DiffInfo entity is returned that describes the diff. java", "index 59b project;", "", "import com.

java" ], "content": [ As response a BlameInfo entity is returned that describes the blame. Deletes the reviewed flag of the calling user from a file of a revision. User must be left empty, or the user must be exactly the same user as in the request header. Attention Set Attention Set is the set of users that should perform some action on the change. They are added as reviewers. The change is marked ready for review.

They are removed from reviewers. The change is marked work in progress, abandoned, or submitted. When the user replies on a change. IDs {account-id}. JSON Entities AbandonInput The AbandonInput entity contains information for abandoning a change. ActionInfo The ActionInfo entity describes a REST API call the client can make to manipulate a resource. ApplyPatchInput The ApplyPatchInput entity contains information about a patch to apply.

A new commit will be created from the patch, and saved as a new patch set. ApplyPatchPatchSetInput The ApplyPatchPatchSetInput entity contains information for creating a new patch set from a given patch. ApprovalInfo The ApprovalInfo entity contains information about an approval from a user for a label on a change.

AssigneeInput The AssigneeInput entity contains the identity of the user to be set as assignee. AttentionSetInfo The AttentionSetInfo entity contains details of users that are in the attention set. AttentionSetInput The AttentionSetInput entity contains details for adding users to the attention set and removing them from it. BlameInfo The BlameInfo entity stores the commit metadata with the row coordinates where it applies. ChangeEditInput The ChangeEditInput entity contains information for restoring a path within change edit.

ChangeEditMessageInput The ChangeEditMessageInput entity contains information for changing the commit message within a change edit. ChangeInfo The ChangeInfo entity contains information about a change.

ChangeInput The ChangeInput entity contains information about creating a new change. ChangeMessageInfo The ChangeMessageInfo entity contains information about a message attached to a change.

CherryPickInput The CherryPickInput entity contains information for cherry-picking a change to a new branch. CommentInfo The CommentInfo entity contains information about an inline comment. CommentInput The CommentInput entity contains information for creating an inline comment. CommentRange The CommentRange entity describes the range of an inline comment. ContextLine The ContextLine entity contains the line number and line text of a single line of the source file content.

CommitInfo The CommitInfo entity contains information about a commit. CommitMessageInput The CommitMessageInput entity contains information for changing the commit message of a change. DeleteChangeMessageInput The DeleteChangeMessageInput entity contains the options for deleting a change message. DeleteCommentInput The DeleteCommentInput entity contains the option for deleting a comment. DeleteReviewerInput The DeleteReviewerInput entity contains options for the deletion of a reviewer.

DeleteVoteInput The DeleteVoteInput entity contains options for the deletion of a vote. DescriptionInput The DescriptionInput entity contains information for setting a description. DiffContent The DiffContent entity contains information about the content differences in a file.

DiffFileMetaInfo The DiffFileMetaInfo entity contains meta information about a file diff. DiffInfo The DiffInfo entity contains information about the diff of a file in a revision. DiffIntralineInfo The DiffIntralineInfo entity contains information about intraline edits in a file. DiffWebLinkInfo The DiffWebLinkInfo entity describes a link on a diff screen to an external site.

ApplyProvidedFixInput The ApplyProvidedFixInput entity contains the fixes to be applied on a review. EditFileInfo The EditFileInfo entity contains additional information of a file within a change edit. EditInfo The EditInfo entity contains information about a change edit. FetchInfo The FetchInfo entity contains information about how to fetch a patch set via a certain protocol. FileInfo The FileInfo entity contains information about a file in a patch set. FixInput The FixInput entity contains options for fixing commits using the fix change endpoint.

FixSuggestionInfo The FixSuggestionInfo entity represents a suggested fix. FixReplacementInfo The FixReplacementInfo entity describes how the content of a file should be replaced by another content. GroupBaseInfo The GroupBaseInfo entity contains base information about the group.

IncludedInInfo The IncludedInInfo entity contains information about the branches a change was merged into and tags it was tagged with.

LabelInfo The LabelInfo entity contains information about a label on a change, always corresponding to the current patch set. Using LABELS will skip the all. MergeableInfo The MergeableInfo entity contains information about the mergeability of a change.

MergeInput The MergeInput entity contains information about the merge. MergePatchSetInput The MergePatchSetInput entity contains information about updating a new change by creating a new merge commit. MoveInput The MoveInput entity contains information for moving a change to a new branch. NotifyInfo The NotifyInfo entity contains detailed information about who should be notified about an update.

PrivateInput The PrivateInput entity contains information for changing the private flag on a change. ProblemInfo The ProblemInfo entity contains a description of a potential consistency problem with a change. PublishChangeEditInput The PublishChangeEditInput entity contains options for the publishing of change edit. PureRevertInfo The PureRevertInfo entity describes the result of a pure revert check. RangeInfo The RangeInfo entity stores the coordinates of a range.

RebaseInput The RebaseInput entity contains information for changing parent when rebasing. RelatedChangeAndCommitInfo The RelatedChangeAndCommitInfo entity contains information about a related change and commit.

RelatedChangesInfo The RelatedChangesInfo entity contains information about related changes. Requirement The Requirement entity contains information about a requirement relative to a change. RestoreInput The RestoreInput entity contains information for restoring a change. RevertInput The RevertInput entity contains information for reverting a change. RevertSubmissionInfo The RevertSubmissionInfo entity describes the revert changes.

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php请求里面获取的c第三个参数是js的crc版本数据校验值 是从get. Ws和Wss的区别相当于http和https的区别,如果你想写一个聊天页面,需要频繁请求后台接口 还需要设置间隔时间(每隔1s发送一个请求) 才能拿到后台服务器的数据,因为http是轮询方式,只有请求完成后,才能拿到结果,只有客户端能发请求,所以说 要轮询。缺点就是占用服务器的性能?更好的方案就是websocket,它是浏览器实现的。浏览器在底层升级http协议,从http协议升级到websocket只需要添加几个头部信息就可以完成升级。.

HTML5 的 canvas 元素使用 JavaScript 在网页上绘制图像。画布是一个矩形区域,您可以控制其每一像素。就是位图操作,可以理解为一个画图工具。可以任意对每个像素点进行任意操作之前讲解有一种断点类型叫做 事件监听断点,里面可以对canvas进行监听CanvasCreate canvas context 创建事件都选创建事件断点后,再刷页面断在这个地方:这里的代码用了流程平坦化打乱了最后的最后。. 将你的预期值和实际值进行比较,如果不一样,就是这种debugger 只能通过浏览器调用的堆栈区分出正确的逻辑。通过将editbreakpoint设置为false 可以禁用这个调试。通过hook方式,将运行的函数设为空就可以跳过debugger了。最好的方式就是不要被识别出来调试,可以通过下hook解决。非虚拟机的方式不会跳转 到一个vm的页面。在eval里面运行debugger.

我们的目的为了让js代码运行起来。可以不需要解密,将代码扣出来运行就可以。任何一个js类型的变量结果 加上一个字符串 ,只会变成字符串。所以这个调试起来很麻烦 只能单步调试 还是用解密工具解密。通过这种特性 可以组合成各种各样的加密方式。这个的原理就是将各种字符串加起来。2个值通过 运算会变成0或者1. js默认 支持Unicode的。所以支持所有的国家语种。有没有哪些国家的和O很像但不是O,和0很像但不是0,和p很像但不是p所以可以用这个相近的符号进行代码混淆。. 能修改输出js运行当中的一些变量的值能下断点批量监听一些变量值当渲染时,样式发生改变,会触发DOM断点它一般在 用户触发了某个事件 时,段下来。执行的比较考前,距离加密函数比较远。所以无法根据栈去快速定位。它的优点时定位的比较准。清空Dom断点最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星!. 通过本地运行js代码那 实现脱离浏览器后 能够实现和浏览器上运行加密js的效果。网站上完全都是JavaScript实现的加密,我们的目的要知道加密的整个过程,并且实现这个加密的过程,拿到和浏览器一样的加密的结果。得到加密的结果之后就可以跳过浏览器,本地直接给服务器发送加密数据,从而直接获取服务器响应的结果。.

页面中有很多事件,比如说鼠标按下,滚动条滑动。最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星!. 日常的web自动化过程中,我们常常用python selenium库来操纵Chrome浏览器实现网页的自动化。这其中有个比较头疼的问题:Chrome的更新频率非常频繁,与之对应的Chromedriver版本也必须相应更新。如果两者版本的主版本号相差超过1,selenium则会报异常. 如何在实体手机上,保证手机能够正常运行uiautomator2,并安装ATX-agent。以小米手机为例子,首先打开 设置-更多设置-开启开发者模式。如果初始化完成后,发现手机并没有安装ATXagent应用。说明设备未认证(unauthorized),此时,当你看到这个,就说明手机安装成功了环境。需要记得,将 USB安装 勾选上。.

TA创建的收藏夹 TA关注的收藏夹. RGB颜色,例如: AFAFAF. 预览 取消 提交. 上一步 保存. 博客 资源 收藏 关注. 只看原创 排序: 按最后发布时间 按访问量 RSS订阅. 原创 Python量化交易实战教程汇总 B站配套视频教程观看设计适合自己并能适应市场的交易策略,才是量化交易的灵魂课程亲手带你设计并实现两种交易策略,快速培养你的策略思维能力择时策略:通过这个策略学会如何利用均线,创建择时策略,优化股票买入卖出的时间点。选股策略:掌握选股策略的核心逻辑,并基于收益率创建动量选股策略,并验证其有效性。手把手带你打造一个易扩展、更安全、效率更高的量化交易系统第三方平台大而全,不易扩展,效率还差,信息安全也是大问题,打造自己的交易平台才是更优解所有文章目录Python量化交易实战双均线策略股 原创 Js逆向教程AST Babel插件最简单修改值示例 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程vscode无环境联调 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程Hook基础 Hook就是在这些流程任意环节插入自己的代码,让浏览器先执行自己的代码 然后再执行原本网站的hook在以下流程中可以做的事情:hook在以下流程中可以做的事情上下文:表示一个环境(js上下文就是v8引擎,浏览器是不同的页签就是不同的上下文,js中的eval还是在一个上下文。只是虚拟机、)作用域:控制变量所生效的位置。作用域是更小的一个级别 处于上下文中结果如下:解释器是如何处理这段代码:首先解释器知道var xuhss在内存中声明了一个全局变量数组保存了xuhss,以后用的话,就到这个数组中找。如果数 php请求 原创 Js逆向教程websocket介绍 Ws和Wss的区别相当于http和https的区别,如果你想写一个聊天页面,需要频繁请求后台接口 还需要设置间隔时间(每隔1s发送一个请求) 才能拿到后台服务器的数据,因为http是轮询方式,只有请求完成后,才能拿到结果,只有客户端能发请求,所以说 要轮询。缺点就是占用服务器的性能?更好的方案就是websocket,它是浏览器实现的。浏览器在底层升级http协议,从http协议升级到websocket只需要添加几个头部信息就可以完成升级。 1.

原创 Js逆向教程极验滑块 实现加密算法的逻辑 还是和上节课一样,针对这个网址。 原创 Js逆向教程极验滑块 找到w加密位置 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程滑块流程 极验 HTML5 的 canvas 元素使用 JavaScript 在网页上绘制图像。画布是一个矩形区域,您可以控制其每一像素。就是位图操作,可以理解为一个画图工具。可以任意对每个像素点进行任意操作之前讲解有一种断点类型叫做 事件监听断点,里面可以对canvas进行监听CanvasCreate canvas context 创建事件都选创建事件断点后,再刷页面断在这个地方:这里的代码用了流程平坦化打乱了最后的最后。 原创 Js逆向教程反调试 将你的预期值和实际值进行比较,如果不一样,就是这种debugger 只能通过浏览器调用的堆栈区分出正确的逻辑。通过将editbreakpoint设置为false 可以禁用这个调试。通过hook方式,将运行的函数设为空就可以跳过debugger了。最好的方式就是不要被识别出来调试,可以通过下hook解决。非虚拟机的方式不会跳转 到一个vm的页面。在eval里面运行debugger.

原创 Js逆向教程FuckJs 我们的目的为了让js代码运行起来。可以不需要解密,将代码扣出来运行就可以。任何一个js类型的变量结果 加上一个字符串 ,只会变成字符串。所以这个调试起来很麻烦 只能单步调试 还是用解密工具解密。通过这种特性 可以组合成各种各样的加密方式。这个的原理就是将各种字符串加起来。2个值通过 运算会变成0或者1. jsfuck有对应的解密工具及。我们这里只是讲解js的混淆机制。可以看到只有这3种字符。 原创 Js逆向教程常见混淆AA和JJ js默认 支持Unicode的。所以支持所有的国家语种。有没有哪些国家的和O很像但不是O,和0很像但不是0,和p很像但不是p所以可以用这个相近的符号进行代码混淆。 原创 Js逆向教程常见代码混淆 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程常见的加密方式 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程跟值技巧 一般不会出现在jquery成熟的第3仓库里面。jquery是封装好的成熟的第3仓库,一般不会去修改它。因为如果jquery版本提升了,还要去改jquery。 原创 Js逆向教程方法栈 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程js逆向断点的种类及介绍 能修改输出js运行当中的一些变量的值能下断点批量监听一些变量值当渲染时,样式发生改变,会触发DOM断点它一般在 用户触发了某个事件 时,段下来。执行的比较考前,距离加密函数比较远。所以无法根据栈去快速定位。它的优点时定位的比较准。清空Dom断点最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程明确js逆向的目标 通过本地运行js代码那 实现脱离浏览器后 能够实现和浏览器上运行加密js的效果。网站上完全都是JavaScript实现的加密,我们的目的要知道加密的整个过程,并且实现这个加密的过程,拿到和浏览器一样的加密的结果。得到加密的结果之后就可以跳过浏览器,本地直接给服务器发送加密数据,从而直接获取服务器响应的结果。 原创 Js逆向教程浏览器调试工具-Application页面 本地网站应用缓存页面。 原创 Js逆向教程浏览器调试工具-Source面板 切换到source面板,对于source面板,需要打开搜索面板才能发挥出完整的功能。 原创 Js逆向教程浏览器调试工具-Network面板 最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 Js逆向教程浏览器调试工具-可视化的Elements 页面中有很多事件,比如说鼠标按下,滚动条滑动。最后的最后由本人水平所限,难免有错误以及不足之处, 屏幕前的靓仔靓女们 如有发现,恳请指出!你轻轻地点了个赞,那将在我的心里世界增添一颗明亮而耀眼的星! 原创 python一招自动搞定Chromedriver爬虫驱动的更新 日常的web自动化过程中,我们常常用python selenium库来操纵Chrome浏览器实现网页的自动化。这其中有个比较头疼的问题:Chrome的更新频率非常频繁,与之对应的Chromedriver版本也必须相应更新。如果两者版本的主版本号相差超过1,selenium则会报异常.

那有没有好的办法解决这个问题呢?方法当然有,首先我们需要知道哪里可以下载到不同版本的文件。这里推荐两个网站,国内首选淘宝的镜像仓库:数据更新会比谷歌官方稍慢;可供下载的版本有时不全; 原创 如何安装MockingBird-AI拟声: 5秒内克隆您的声音并生成任意语音内容 作者:虚坏叔叔早餐店不会开到晚上,想吃的人早就来了!😄。 原创 Quasar — 免费开源的Windows远程管理工具 适用于Windows的免费开源远程控制管理工具Quasar是一种用C#编码的快速轻量级远程管理工具。可用于管理工作到员工监控等。Quasar提供高稳定性和易用的用户界面,是您理想的远程控制管理解决方案。 原创 AutoJs4. 原创 将你的 Python 脚本转换为命令行程序 哈喽,大家好,今天给大家介绍一下,如何通过Python自动整理文件。 原创 如何通过Python自动整理文件? 哈喽,大家好,今天给大家介绍一下,如何通过Python自动整理文件。 原创 如何用python自动化微信小程序 本文介绍了整个微信小程序的自动化过程。我已经将全部源码上传到后台上,关注文章底部公众号后回复「kja」即可获得。你的肯定是我最大的鼓励和支持。 2.

原创 如何在实体手机上,保证手机能够正常运行uiautomator2,并安装ATX-agent 如何在实体手机上,保证手机能够正常运行uiautomator2,并安装ATX-agent。以小米手机为例子,首先打开 设置-更多设置-开启开发者模式。如果初始化完成后,发现手机并没有安装ATXagent应用。说明设备未认证(unauthorized),此时,当你看到这个,就说明手机安装成功了环境。需要记得,将 USB安装 勾选上。 原创 address localhost is already in use(端口被占用)Windows系统问题解决 在学习编程的过程中,我们或许会遇到端口被占用的情况,因而导致程序启动不了。这种情况只需要找到占用端口的进程,然后在中关闭改进程即可解决问题。后面补加的图。 原创 mitmproxy的介绍以及配置过程中的问题 提示:以下是本篇文章正文内容,下面案例可供参考。 FinalShell 中文安装包 FinalShell 一款可以替代XShell 的ssh 客户端软件,不仅是 ssh 客户端软件,还是功能强大的开发及运维的工具。可以满足我们的工作需求 主要特性:.

net版本问题: 检查是否安装. reres chrome插件v1. app自动化课程的简介和介绍 app自动化课程的简介和介绍. windows 生成RSA公钥和私钥openssl. exe工具 1、打开 openssl. 多线程解决mfc对话框未响应、卡死问题 多线程解决mfc对话框未响应、卡死问题. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第4课:狮子钻火圈 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第5课:熊熊吃什么 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第18课:7的倍数(下) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第24课:阶段实战测试 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第15课:寿司回家(上) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第11课:钓鱼大作战 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第10课:暑期安全 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第19课:BMI指数(上) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第13课:模拟时钟 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第17课:认识祖国 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第3课:猜猜我是谁 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第9课:一起来绘画 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第5课:海豹游戏 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第10课:汉字的由来 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第19课:音乐绘本 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第1课:初识编程 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第4课:太阳系 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第21课:夏日大作战(上) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第22课:夏日大作战(下) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第21课:春节贺卡(1) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第17课 :炫彩烟花 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第23课:猫狗大战(上) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第6课:病毒传播 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第8课:打数字游戏 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第2课:四合一游戏机(下) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第1课:四合一游戏机(上) 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第13课:陨石危机 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第1课:坦克大战 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:.

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The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. This field is always set if the option is requested; if no push certificate was provided, it is set to an empty object. 爆款少儿青少年scratch编程第4课:狮子钻火圈 可以直接运行。A53课程制作 爆款爆款少儿青少年scratch编程是包括教程制作完整课程,里面包括教学步骤,教学视频,教学素材,教学课件pdf,教学课件word,课程源码。课程内容大致如下所示:资源:. FSCA Regulated Forex Brokers. Sets a review on a revision, optionally also publishing draft comments, setting labels, adding reviewers or CCs, and modifying the work in progress property. A user can only be added if they are not in the attention set.

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